A Piece of My Heart


Almost 14 years ago, I was privileged to go on my first missions trip to Mexico. If you have ever been on a missions trip, you know it is life changing. (My future husband had also went to Mexico a week prior to my first trip.) I was able to return there a year later but have not been able to go back due to various reasons. However, my heart (and my husband’s) has always been toward Hispanic people, their culture(s), and the Spanish language since that time. As a teenager, I couldn’t understand the life they were having to live. We literally drove over a bridge from Texas into Mexico and there was a drastic change. The services impacted my life forever. I enjoyed loving on all of the babies, kids, and meeting new friends. A piece of my heart went toward those people. God also began to birth a dream inside of my heart that I plan to share some day in the future.

In February of this year, my husband and I ministered together at a Hispanic youth rally about our most passionate topics – purity and relationships. We were able to join together in worship and fellowship. Of course, we were the ones to walk away being blessed. We heard an amazing testimony of God’s forgiveness and how He can erase your past to propel you into your future. It brought back many memories in a different way since these students have the American culture in their lives, but none the less it brought back my heart for Mexico.

Recently, I have been thinking about this God-size dream he placed in my heart so many years ago. I feel as if now should be the right timing but know it has to be in His timing, not mine. So this week I came across an unfinished coloring page that my daughter had colored in Sunday school. In the corner was this scripture, “I trust in you, O Lord” (Psalm 31:14). I saw it right as I had been praying to God about some God-Sized dreams that I have. I don’t know when they will be fulfilled and how it’s all going to happen. By reading this Scripture, He reminded me to put my trust in Him. Just like Moses’ mother had to do for him. She knew Moses had more for his life and she had to put her trust in Christ. By her being obedient and trusting God, He in return allowed her to help raise him.

When God places someone or something upon your heart, never give up or loose what He has instilled in you – whether it be a desire, dream, or a promise. Go after those God-Size dreams!



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