Another year older!?


Have you ever dreaded a birthday and becoming another year older??? The birthday I turned 25, I dreaded it up until the day. Then, it passed and I had to “look forward” to turning the big 30…. Before the day approached I had many (especially my younger husband) remind me (daily) of the day. I couldn’t believe I was actually 30. It didn’t feel right to have been married and have two kids (one being age 5).

I had a goal that I wanted to accomplish of running in a 5K for my 30th birthday. This was a big accomplishment for me being that I am a heart patient. I had always been taught not to go too far past my limitations. During that year, my husband began to help me reach past all of that. I focused upon God each day that I ran. He gave me the strength to push farther than I had ever imagined. I did finish the 5K and ran most of it like I had wanted to do. It made my 30th birthday complete.

Now, last weekend, I turned 31. Up to the day, I was beginning to dread it again. However, God began to deal with me about my birthday… I needed to celebrate the life He has given me. As people began to tease me (all in fun), I began to be proud of turning 31!

Recently, I had my yearly heart check-up and found out that my heart is not working properly like it should be. I had to have some tests ran to check it all out. It really got me to thinking. I’m even more thankful for God touching my life and the doctors that He gives knowledge to. The Lord has allowed this congenital heart defect girl to survive 31 years of life. Since then, my tests showed that everything is looking ok right now and I don’t have to go back for another year to see the doctor! God has been so good to me through it all!

Here’s what I have learned: we do not know our future and when the day will come that our time on earth is done. We also do not know when Christ will come back for The Church. We must be ready every day to meet Him.

Birthdays are something to celebrate. I hear middle aged and older people (and even myself) say “it’s just another day.” Well, I want it to be a celebration! I think every year for every individual no matter how young or old needs to look at birthdays as another year to: learn more about Christ, love others, and follow through with the Purpose you are created for in life.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

My husband and I celebrating my 31st Birthday.


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