Don’t RUN!!!


Jonah 1:1-3 NIV

1The word of The Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: ”
2″Go to the great city of Ninevah and preach against it, because it’s wickedness has come upon me.” 3But Jonah ran away from The Lord and headed for Tarshish.

God told Jonah to got to Ninevah and give a message to the people. Ninevah was a wicked town. The country was an enemy with Jonah’s home country of Israel. Jonah ran in a different direction than what God told him to do. Can you imagine how he felt? What would his friends, family, and even his own country think of him if he went to Ninevah? He had no desire to go there.

What if God is calling YOU to do something that doesn’t seem normal? What if your friends, family, and maybe even your country think you are crazy?! Would you do it, or would you run as far away as you can?

Jonah was given a message to take to the Ninevites. In the end, this was to save them of their wickedness, but Jonah did not want to think of their spirituality. We as Christians are to reach out and spread the message of the Good news of Jesus Christ. We are to do this no matter a person’s background, culture, religion, or what kind of a person whether good or bad that they are.

I think missionaries who go all in for God are in a similar place in life as Jonah. Some may have ran but others go all in not caring what others think. Some missionaries may have family or friends not wanting them to go off to a far away country. We have to do what Jesus Christ asks of us to do in life. It can’t depend upon what others think of us or what they feel we should do. Yes, seek wisdom from godly counsel, but ultimately if God is calling you to witness to someone or to do something, you better do it. While continuing to read Jonah Chapter 1, we know in the end that Jonah was in a massive storm and swallowed by a big fish. (Read the next post to find out what happened to Jonah.) I would rather do God’s will then to find out what would happen to me if I didn’t do it.

If God is calling you to do something, that is part of the purpose He has set out for you to do. Don’t Run!!!


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