I still date my husband.


I absolutely LOVE dating my husband!!! It’s been so long since we have went on a date, but last Thursday we were able to go on one. (Thanks to my wonderful father in law!) In fact, most date nights end up with a trip to walmart for the family… How boring…

Well, there was not anything playing at the movies that we wanted to see, so we went bowling. We know we have not been bowling just “us 2” since we had our first child which is now 6 years old. I had a wonderful time! I now know that Thursday nights are definitely not crowded at restaurants or the bowling alley! We agreed that we can not wait this long again for a date night. (You know it has been a while if you can not remember your last date.)

We truly believe it is essential to your marriage especially if you have kids. They need to know how much mom and dad love each other and enjoy being in each other’s company. My husband is still my best friend after 13 years. I want my kids to know this, too. I also believe it is essential for us. Some day our kids will be grown and out of our home. I do not want to wait until then to date my husband. It should be on going over the years. I believe some people forget how to have fun with their spouse or enjoy being with them because they put all of their effort and time into their kids instead of their marriage. Now, do not take that the wrong way. I believe I have a very short amount of time with my kids to live at home with me. I definitely want to make the most of every opportunity I have with them. We still make sure we have lots of family time. (That is for a later post.) We live a very hectic life and this is the reason why we have not had many date nights. The nights we are home, we want to spend as a family with our kids.

Last Thursday night was special. I had a wonderful time with my best friend. Taking our time at a restaurant we do not go to very often, a fun evening of bowling, and grocery shopping while taking our time to look at whatever we wanted. No agenda but to spend good quality time together. I will be looking forward to my next date with my favorite man!


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